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Alumawood Pergolas, Gazebos, and Patio Covers

The Alumawood® shade structures are the perfect addition to any outdoor living space, whether you’re entertaining family and friends or just relaxing during the summer. The patio cover provides protection from the sun, rain, snow, and other elements, whether you’re enjoying a barbeque or reading a book. Unlike woodgrain finishes, Alumawood has an embossed surface that provides the beauty of a richly textured finish – without taking up too much space. In addition to protecting you from rain, snow, and the sun, patio covers also provide a great place to relax and read. Alumawood’s embossed surface produces the appearance of textured woodgrain with minimal maintenance.


Embossed Texture

Made in the USA

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The US manufacturer Amerimax uses a weather-resistant, anticorrosive Aluma-Shield paint system with Teflon® additive that withstands the harshest conditions, including sun, rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. This paint system was specially formulated for Amerimax by Dupont.

Your ALUMAWOOD™ purchase is covered by the Manufacturer’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Features of Alumawood:

  • Aluma-Shield with Teflon® additive from Dupont – the newest, toughest paint system ever
  • Washability of a semi-gloss finish and the decorative appeal of a matte-finish
  • Surface that repels oil, dirt, dust and stains, making it easy to keep clean
  • Protection from UV, salt, pollution and weathering for a long-lasting, beautiful new look
  • Durable surface that resists chalking, fading, cracks, peels, warps and termites
  • A premium coating without the premium price
  • Heavy header beam construction
  • Richly textured woodgrain finish
  • Color-matching fasteners
  • Variety of popular lifestyle colors

        and more.

Equinox Louvered Pergola Systems

Equinox embodies smart design that maximizes use and profit potential for residential and commercial outdoor spaces. Elevate environments with on-demand sunlight, shade or rain protection. Optional rain, wind and sun sensors automatically control your louvers based on current weather conditions. Fully open or a solid roof, it’s your choice.

The smart control Somfy system is compatible with popular smart home systems available on the market today. Incorporate your outdoor oasis into your technology driven home. Use the app to control everything from one source with ease.

The new Equinox lighting collection features four custom designed and engineered state of the art LED lighting fixtures. Our design approach centered on developing low profile, minimalistic lighting solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and balanced with any outdoor environment.

KNOTWOOD Pergolas, Gates, Decking, Soffits, and Fencing

IF you are looking for a classic wood look with durability of Aluminum, Knotwood is the premium product your are looking for.
With its superior capabilities over wood, your outdoor design options are far greater. This system is capable of spanning large areas, requiring minimal posts and fasteners. The durability of aluminum means your outdoor area will not only look great but endure the test of time with minimal maintenance.
Knotwood awning and pergola system components are available in a huge range of natural woodgrain textures and/or a range of solid powder coat colors.

knotwood fence

Solara Adjustable Patio Covers

For a more cost effective louvered pergola system, look no further than Solara.

Solara’s smart patio cover system allows you to control the amount of sunlight or shade you want. The system can also be used for the garden, or as a gazebo for a hot tub or spa. This way you can enjoy the combination of the magnificent design, with the convenience of an adjustable cover.

Smart roofs for the deck and patio have the ability to open and close, thus allowing full protection from the rain and sunlight.

The patio cover louvers can be opened and closed as needed, so you can choose between an open or closed roof.
The louvers can tilt open to an angle of 130 º and can tilt shut to 0 º. This is just like having a built in roof. Naturally, any intermediate position can be maintained, allowing you to tune the shade light ratio to your liking at any time of day. This feature allows you to maximize the time sitting outdoors, under the patio cover, throughout the year.